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Ways To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Colourful.

What defines a given wedding depends on its planning and presentation. Since wedding is all about two people in love, there is need to make sure how they feel about each other is well represented. For the most of your lifetime marriage is one of the key areas that matter so much

Traditionally, the couples would not wait for long to get married after their engagement. However, nowadays, it is not necessarily an issue to wait for a long to get married even after the engagement.

Reason being a large number of couples are now catering for wedding expenses. Formerly, the parents would cater for the expenses of their son and daughter’s wedding. The couples may also agree not to rush into getting married even after engagement to invest for their future

As the world transform into the modern age, couples are often given room to plan their wedding. Wedding ceremonies are no longer about signing marriage certificate, and ceremonial vows. Wedding ceremonies are now considered to be a place where couples memories of love are formed and celebrated during their lifetime.
Wedding organisers have come up with several initiatives to make a wedding ceremony colorful.

First, vows be it traditional or religious are commonly considered as important rite to express a long-lasting commitment in a marriage for a lifetime. This ceremonial tradition in wedding involved reciting and signing written vows. However, ways of making of vows these have changed to make it more appealing to the couples. Unlike the usual flat speeches, couples can now add their love vows either by way of writing.

The Sandsational Sparkle Sand Ceremony Kit is now being introduced into wedding ceremonies. This is a new way of ceremony where couples pour in sand of different colours into a vase as they read vows. This the vessel is then displayed on that perfect day to be a sign of reminder of their love. The Sandsational Sparkle Sand Ceremony Kit comes in unique shapes and forms to give any wedding a special look.

Handfasting is also used in wedding ceremonies to show unity and to present two who have become one. This is where you and your partner’s hands are literally tied together while making vows or after that. There is a belief inn some people the couples should remain tied till they have their first breakfast. As a confirmation of love and commitment the couple feed each other during this time.

planting of ceremonial tree or seed is a beautiful way of showing how your love will grow just like a tree does. The practice of planting tree or seed in wedding ceremonies is believed to have a deep root in Paganism. This is because it was believed the couple had to plant it in their home yard so as to test where their marriage was going to work or not. If the tree grew to maturity it meant good marriage.
These extras are meant to be a sense of showing how much you love your partner and desire to spend your lifetime together.