Download the PDF version of the AXIS Bank RTGS Form and NEFT Form

Today We Know Download the PDF version of the AXIS Bank RTGS Form and NEFT Form.National Electronic Fund Transfer is shortened to NEFT. It’s convenient for sending modest sums of money. At certain times, NEFT transfers will be processed. Transfer Fees and Transfer Times for NEFT to and from Axis Bank. When doing business online, no such paperwork is needed. If you want to use NEFT at a bank, you’ll need to fill out an application form. This website has a downloadable version of the AXIS BANK NEFT application.

Real-time Gross Settlement is the full, official name of the concept represented by the acronym RTGS. Quite a few hefty sums will be sent and received via RTGS. Money transfers from Axis bank to other Indian banks are possible. The Reserve Bank of India will maintain a record of all RTGS transactions. Each transaction will be processed immediately upon receipt.

The Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT application form may be downloaded at, received from any Axis Bank branch, or accessed through the link provided at the bottom of this page. Both the National Electronic Funds Movement (NEFT) and the Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) are examples of electronic payment systems that facilitate the transfer of money between different financial institutions. Unlike RTGS, which settles transactions in real time, NEFT transfers funds in batches. In this system, each batch is assigned to a certain hour of the day. The Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT Form (PDF).

How to Use RTGS and NEFT at Axis Bank Online

If you have an account with Axis Bank, you can log in using your Internet Banking ID and Password and make payments via either NEFT or RTGS, depending on the date and amount of the transaction. – Download the Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT Form PDF here:

NEFT Timing for Axis Bank

Axis bank transfers may be made using NEFT services between the hours of 10 AM and 4:30 PM IST Monday through Friday and every other Saturday except the second and fourth Saturday of the month. The RTGS/NEFT PDF Form for Axis Bank.

RTGS Timing for Axis Bank

The official RTGS transfer hours are 10 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and 10 AM – 1 PM, every other Saturday (every other second and fourth Saturday).If you need to send more than Rs.2,00,000, you may use AXIS Bank’s RTGS services. Downloadable PDF Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT Application Form.

Download the PDF version of the AXIS Bank RTGS Form and NEFT Form

Fill The RTGS NEFT Form of Axis Bank

  1. You must first download the Axis Bank NEFT RTGS Form, then carefully complete all the requested information before taking it in to an Axis bank branch. To ensure that this process goes well, we’ve included detailed instructions on how to do so below.
  2. Now, as you’ll see below, the NEFT and RTGS form is divided into three parts: the remitter’s information, the beneficiary’s information, and the third party’s information. Please complete the field below with your payment information.
  3. Account Number, Applicant Name, Mobile Number, Address, etc. must be entered in the corresponding field in the “Applicant” form.
  4. Place the recipient’s account number, name, bank, IFSC code, and transfer amount in Section 2 of the form.
  5. The check number and total must be entered in the third area.
  6. After finishing the form, you’ll need to sign it and turn it in to the branch manager.


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