How to Create a New Beneficiary in IDBI bank

Today We Know How to Create a New Beneficiary in IDBI bank.In the past, we had to physically go to our local bank office in order to make a withdrawal or transfer. However, times have changed and so too has the Indian banking industry. These days, we may simply utilize our computers or mobile devices to make the exchange. This tutorial will show you how to create a new beneficiary in IDBI Bank.

We may also use the fast transfer option at most Indian banks. If we don’t want to include the recipient in the transaction, we may utilize that. However, there is a catch: the amount that may be transmitted will be capped. Therefore, you should designate the account as a beneficiary if you want to bypass these restrictions.Two primary categories of beneficiary accounts exist. The first is an interbank, where the beneficiary’s account will be held with other financial institutions. The second option is an intrabank transfer, in which case the recipient’s account will be held by IDBI Bank.

Including a foreign bank as a beneficiary is an option. In such case, you won’t be able to access the account without the IFSC code, together with the account name and number. However, the IFSC code is not required when making an intrabank transaction. To access your account, just provide your full legal name and number.

IDBI, a renowned public sector bank, has 1853 branches throughout the country. Customers may take use of a wide range of financial services, including online and mobile banking, SMS banking, missed call balance , and more.

You may send money to any other Indian bank using IDBI’s online banking system. Creating a beneficiary in your online banking system is the first step.

How to Create a New Beneficiary in IDBI bank

Follow some steps to create new beneficiary in IDBI

  • To begin, you must enter your IDBI online banking credentials. To log in using your customer id and password, go to
  • After logging in, choose the “transfer” option. Select “National Electronic Funds Transfer” since we are sending money to a different bank.
  • Select “Add a person NEFT Beneficiary,” then provide the following information:
  1. The bank account number of the recipient is the beneficiary account number.
  2. Beneficiary Full Name: Full legal name as it appears on bank account.
  3. Choose the sort of account you’d want the beneficiary to have, such as a savings, current, loan, NRE, or credit card. That’s why I’m in this room, trying out several types of savings accounts.
  4. Bank Account IFSC Code: Branch IFSC Code. Your bank’s passbook should have the IFSC code.
  • Enter your id and transaction password to confirm the current transaction. To finalize the purchase, choose “Add.”
  • The next step is to confirm the Payee by clicking the button. A one-time registration code will be emailed to the cellphone number you provide during registration.
  • Then, after clicking the “approve” button after selecting the “beneficiary name,” you may verify your beneficiary by entering the special registration number that was sent to your phone.
  • You will be prompted to log in using your id and transaction password again before you can proceed.
  • Any new idbi beneficiaries will be added without a hitch.

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