The HDFC Bank Mobile Number Registration Process

Today We Know The HDFC Bank Mobile Number Registration Process.Large numbers of individuals choose HDFC Bank Limited as their primary financial institution. Customers of HDFC Bank often write in to ask us how to link a mobile phone number to their account. Since there were so many responses, we decided to write a manual to assist the community. The process of linking your new cellphone number to your HDFC Bank Account is outlined in this handy guide.

The HDFC Bank mobile number updation form may be downloaded from the bank’s website and used to either update an existing mobile number or register a new one. Simply include your new cellphone number in the list of information you provide on the form. Fill out the form in its entirety, print it off, and bring it to your local HDFC Bank branch for signature and processing. A new cellphone number might take up to two business days to take effect. A fee will not be assessed by the financial institution if you change your mobile phone number.

HDFC savings accounts linked to mobile numbers make it possible to monitor balances and transactions even while you’re not at your desk. Furthermore, your account will enable you to get updates continuously throughout the day. There is also the added security of knowing that any fraudulent activity in your savings account will trigger an alert. In order to use your HDFC account, you must link your cellphone number to the account.

With an online service, updating or changing your cellphone number takes few seconds. It is essential to register their cellphone number if they are new to banking. You’ll receive alerts from your bank whenever they make a transaction (credit or debit) and the OTP (One-time password) you’ll need to complete the transaction. The following are the processes for HDFC clients who want to update their mobile number on file with the bank.

The HDFC Bank Mobile Number Registration Process

Follow some steps to register HDFC bank mobile number

  1. To begin, open a browser session to HDFC’s main banking website.
  2. Then, on the following screen, choose the option to “login” to your account.
  3. Enter your user name and password to access your online banking account.
  4. To edit your profile, go to the “profile” section of your online banking homepage. Right after that, it’ll show up at the top of the screen to the right.
  5. Now, options like “Manage Beneficiary” will be shown on the page. To do things like choose a user name, alter your online banking password, and more, go to the “Personal Information” section and then select the “Personal Details” link.
  6. Your contact details (name, email, physical address for email, phone number, etc.) have been loaded into the homepage.
  7. Kindly fill in your username and password for your bank account, and then hit the “submit” button.
  8. To modify your mobile phone number, click the corresponding link.
  9. You may choose to go on using the one-time password (OTP), the ATM PIN, or by calling HDFC’s customer service.
  10. When ready, hit the “new request” button.
  11. The next step in the verification procedure is to provide your cell phone number.
  12. Just hit the “submit” button.
  13. Select the OTP option to have a one-time password sent to the phone number you provided.
  14. After entering the OTP and clicking “OK,” you may continue.

Register HDFC Mobile number through ATM

If you wish to update your cell phone number using an HDFC ATM, please read the instructions below.

  • To register your HDFC debit card, just visit any HDFC ATM, slide your card into the appropriate slot, and press the “Registration” button.
  • After that, choose “Update your cellphone number” and input your PIN.
  • The previous cellphone number must be entered, and then the “Confirm” button must be clicked. You may then proceed to input and verify your new cellphone number.
  • If you change phone numbers, the OTP will still be delivered to your old and new ones.
  • The OTP and reference number were provided to you. You’ll need both your old and new phone numbers on hand to make the switch. HDFC Call Center will contact you to verify your details if you have not provided an outdated phone number. HDFC will update your HDFC bank account to reflect your new mobile number as soon as we get all of the necessary information for verification.

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