Where Can I Locate My Mini Statement from HDFC Bank

Today We Know Where Can I Locate My Mini Statement from HDFC Bank.A bank’s mini statement is essentially a condensed version of the full statement. As opposed to this, all of the transactions that occurred in your bank account during the specified time period will be included on your bank statement. However, the information on the most recent five transactions is available in the Mini Statement.

There are two options available to HDFC Bank customers who want to get their mini statement. This assertion is not, however, evidence of financial stability. Forget about using it as a recommendation when applying for a credit card or loan. This is because just the five most recent transactions are shown on this statement.If you need to verify your income for a new loan or credit card, look no further. If that’s the case, you’re probably not interested in this. In India, a bank statement may serve as evidence of financial stability. The statement will be unavailable until we discover both of the upcoming extraction techniques. The HDFC Bank deserves some background information.

HDFC Bank provides a variety of services, both online and in-branch, to its clientele. Digital Banking Services have made handling one’s bank account more simpler than in the past.All without having to physically visit a bank location. Fund Transfer, Creating an HDFC Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN, Credit Card Management, etc.The steps involved in retrieving an HDFC bank Mini Statement by phone, both online and offline, are outlined in this article. However, just the five most recent transactions will appear on this statement. An HDFC e-Passbook may be downloaded online if you’d want a comprehensive statement. The statement is available for a period of up to ten years.

HDFC Bank Mini Statement Via Missed Call Service

You may utilize the HDFC Bank Missed call feature to acquire a record of your most recent five transactions. All that is required of you to make use of this service is to adhere to the few easy procedures listed below:

  1. To get your HDFC mini statement through missed call, dial 18002703355 from your registered cellphone number.
  2. After a few rings, your call will be cut off immediately, and a Mini Statement will be sent to your phone through text message.

Where Can I Locate My Mini Statement from HDFC Bank

Check HDFC Mini Statement through visiting ATM

  1. You should stop by the nearest HDFC bank ATM.
  2. Put in or swipe your debit/bank card.
  3. Key in your four-digit PIN code.
  4. A “Mini Statement” option will appear.
  5. The three most recent purchases are shown.
  6. The Mini Statement may also be printed out for your records.

Things Requirements to get HDFC Bank Mini Statement

  1. You must first be an HDFC customer and have an HDFC Net Banking or HDFC Mobile Banking account.
  2. A Mobile Phone Number that is Registered in Your Name is Required.
  3. Connection to the Internet that is Safe and Sound.

Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement Online By using Internet Banking

  1. Enter the HDFC Bank Internet Banking Website.
  2. Please enter your User ID/Customer ID and Password to log in to HDFC Net Banking.
  3. Mini Statement may be accessed by clicking “Accounts” and then selecting the specific account number.
  4. When you see your account number, click the “View” button to the right of it.
  5. In a moment, the screen will refresh to display the most recent few transactions.
  6. The “Download” button at the screen’s footer allows you to save a copy of the Condensed Statement on your computer.

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